Story-Telling. Watch the statistics live in action or post match.
Live-commentary or match summaries get much easier with all the data at hand

Enriched Storytelling:
RawStats enhances esports storytelling by providing in-depth statistics.
Real-time Tracking:
Follow live statistics or review post-match data effortlessly.
Seamless Live Commentary:
Commentators benefit from comprehensive statistics for more informative live commentary.
Effortless Match Summaries:
RawStats simplifies the creation of match summaries with readily available data.

Trader View. Calculate live-odds on the basis of real-time statistics. Never miss an occurrence.
Act instantly and give predictions.

Dynamic Live Odds:
"Trader View" provides dynamic, real-time odds calculation, allowing traders to make informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute statistics.
Real-Time Data Analysis:
With access to real-time statistics, you can stay ahead of market events, ensuring that you never miss a critical occurrence that could impact your trading strategy.
Instant Action:
Trader View" empowers traders to act instantly on market movements and events, helping you capitalize on opportunities as they arise.
Predictive Insights:
By leveraging real-time data, this platform enables traders to make informed predictions and adjust their strategies proactively, enhancing their trading success.

Coaching. Your team and your players need you. Watch statistics, recognize match trends and give tailored instructions to create a live match winning strategy.

Team Guidance:
As a coach, you play a crucial role in supporting both your team and individual players. "Coaching" allows you to provide valuable insights and guidance.
Real-time Stat Analysis:
With access to real-time statistics, you can closely monitor match trends, enabling you to make informed decisions as the game unfolds.
Tailored Instructions:
"Coaching" empowers you to offer customized instructions to your team, helping them create a winning strategy tailored to the live match situation.
Live Match Strategy:
The platform enhances your ability to develop a dynamic and adaptive strategy during the game, increasing the chances of securing victory.

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