Get stats from your streams.

Elevate Your Game with our groundbreaking computer vision technologies for precise and comprehensive statistics.



Set up what you want to detect and get stats for.



Upload a video or connect a stream, which should be analysed.



Watch the magic. 
Get all the stats to your visuals.

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Dein Upload.

Create detector.

We create an Computer Vision model from reference pictures that you provide. We train the model what to look for.
Efficiency: One photo starts model creation quickly.
Flexibility: Adapt to limited data or time constraints.
Customization: Tailor model to specific reference picture features.

Connect visuals.

It can be anything from a custom video stream to a camera or a simple video. Only condition: we need an URL.
Versatility: Supports custom video streams, cameras, and simple videos
Requirement: only URL is needed for input
Accessibility: Allows easy access to a wide range of video sources.
Was du erhältst.

Get stats.

We offer you a dashboard where you can see the stats in action.
Visualize: See football analysis stats in action.
Real-time: Get live insights on your dashboard.
Versatile API integration: Easily integrate stats into diverse applications.
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Custom statistic or data
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